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You miss customer calls and lose deals
You don't have a single customer base with whom you work
The manager's work process is not transparent to you
You have no way to listen to calls at any time
The set plans and tasks are not fulfilled or are not fully implemented
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About the company
Sipuni has been helping businesses to establish high-quality Internet connections and improve communication with customers for 10 years. We know exactly how to reduce the number of missed calls to zero and achieve the goals of the customer's sales department. During this time, more than 800 clients have trusted us, and we did not disappoint them!

The Sipuni service is easy to install and straightforward to use. A flexible system of integration with CRM allows you to work with the client base as efficiently as possible, without fear of missing out on a good deal. Our consultants will find a solution that best suits your business.

telephony integration
Monthly for each user
4 devices per employee
Recording of calls for 1 year
Distribution of calls according to the information in CRM
Selecting a contact template for contact information and operation
Numbers and tags according to the result of the conversation
Fill in additional contact and transaction fields in amoCRM
Assess the quality of service at the end of the conversation
Selecting the appropriate filter in amoCRM for each contact
Recording all the calls in CRM system
Statistics of all calls
Information about missed calls
Integration with Roistat, CoMagic, Calltouch
Integration with Speech Analytics
One-click call from CRM
Automatic creation of contact and order via call
Funnel selection to create an order
Call the respondent manager directly
Assignments for missed calls
Missed call notification with link to that contact
telephony integration
Monthly for each user
Advanced Integration Capabilities
5 devices per employee
Monitoring of current calls and operator statuses
Security: IP address restriction, encryption of voice traffic
Integration with Zapier
Limitless recording of calls
Private numbers in amoCRM
Employee control: current situation,
Online status report, Indication of colleague statuses
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